Johannes Rosenberg

Johannes Rosenberg

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First Name * Johannes
Last Name * Rosenberg
Username * cajomi
Country * Germany
City Radolfzell
Nationality German
Languages EnglishGerman


Preferred Tools


Availability: Freelance


I am 3D landscape artist and the developer of the terrain generator GeoControl. (
I have done landscapes for software marketing and I am just involved in two german film projects (for the teasers).

I am mostly interested in photorealistic combinations of landscapes, which are created in Vue6, with other elements via 3DSmax or Cinema.
This is not a proofed workflow, but more the cutting edge of what is possible, but I think, this is the future. I am permanently developing GeoControl for a fast workflow and optimal results for this skills. And I am convinced, that this combination will deliver at least the most convincing results in a minimum of time.


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